Django's Cut Price Corpses (1971) Jeff Cameron, John Desmont, Esmeralda Barros, Gengher Gatti Movie Review

Django's Cut Price Corpses (1971)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jeff Cameron in Django's Cut Price Corpses (1971)

Django's Cut Price Spaghetti

When Django's (Jeff Cameron) girlfriend is abducted he sets out on a mission to rescue her. But that is easier said than done as she was abducted by the Cortez brothers and their gang who following a bank robbery have gone into hiding in a cave somewhere. But it means Django is not alone as the bank has hired an agent by the name of Fulton (Gengher Gatti) to retrieve the stolen gold and they join forces with an American for some extra help.

What came first; the actor or the character? You are probably bemused by that but as I watched "Django's Cut Price Corpses" I found myself asking was this written as a Django movie and so Jeff Cameron was cast for having a bit of the right look about him. Or was it a case that Cameron was cast and the producers knowing that the movie was weak decided to use the Django name to buy them self an audience. No matter which it is, "Django's Cut Price Corpses" is a weak spaghetti western, feeling like it was made on the cheep and very quickly.

Now there isn't much to the storyline to "Django's Cut Price Corpses" as we watch Django hunting down those who have kidnapped his girl. On his travels he meets various characters from a girl bandit to a deceptive bar woman and of course those who are also hunting the Cortez brothers. But that is really it as the twists in the plot are not that entertaining and neither is the action. This really does feel like a cut price movie, not just a Django one but a cut price spaghetti western in general with little in the way of style but plenty of poor acting, weak action and weaker editing.

What this all boils down to is that "Django's Cut Price Corpses" really offers up little other than an example of why despite there being many good spaghetti westerns there are many poor ones which drag the genre down.