Dirty Teacher (2013) starring Josie Davis, Kelcie Stranahan, Cameron Deane Stewart, Darlene Vogel directed by Doug Campbell Movie Review

Dirty Teacher (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Josie Davis in Dirty Teacher (2013)

Student Seduction

Ms. Matson (Josie Davis) is the new teacher in school and even before she has got in to the classroom has spotted 18 year old Danny (Cameron Deane Stewart) and made eyes at him. And before he knows it he is starting to meet up with her in secret after school, having dinner together and also going back to hers for sex. But Danny is also with Jamie (Kelcie Stranahan) a good girl from the other side of the tracks who is not up to the standards which his parents expect. In fact Danny's dad is the man who fired her father which has left Jamie's family in a desperate situation and forced to dip in to her college fund. When Jamie becomes aware of what is going on things become incredibly ugly for her as he finds herself framed for a murder.

So we start "Dirty Teacher" in what seems so typical now; start at B jump back to A and finish by going through B and ending up at C. What I mean is that "Dirty Teacher" starts with a scene of Jamie being lead out of a house by police before jumping back to a month earlier and the arrival of Ms. Matson with her sexy eyes and low cut tops, lack of subtlety and stereotypes are order of the day in "Dirty Teacher". In truth I am bored of movies which do this and would love for the directors of made for TV movies to stop doing the opening flash forward thing.

Anyway "Dirty Teacher" is the sort of predictable movie which you put on, realise you can put things together quite quickly and then keep it on whilst doing other stuff. For example we learn early on that Ms. Matson is a psycho, not just because she has those piercing eyes of a stereotypical TV movie psycho but every time she sees herself in the mirror she has a childhood flashback of her mother telling her that she is an ugly girl. Not only that Ms. Matson's attempts at seduction are on the obvious side from giving Danny beer or leaning over so that he can see down her top. Oh and I could go on as there is a lot more which makes "Dirty Teacher" obvious from the word get go but most importantly you don't screw with Ms. Matson.

In many ways "Dirty Teacher" is still enjoyable and whilst Josie Davis at times appears like a fembot her nefarious seduction is the best thing about the movie even it lacks subtlety. But the trouble is that the movie makes everything too obvious, from Ms. Matson being a sexy psycho to Jamie being the good girl. It means when things get towards where the movie started you already know what is going on and where the movie wants to lead you with the subplot surrounding Danny's snobbish parents and the bad blood over her father losing her job.

What this all boils down to is that "Dirty Teacher" is a movie on the obvious side of things and as such is predictable from start to finish. Yet in a way despite not being great it is still entertaining, sometimes in a bad movie sort of way.