Dirty Little Secret (2013) Tania Raymonde, Jesse Lee Soffer, Leah Pipes, Zane Holtz, Debra Mooney, Tony Plana, David Zayas, Jeff Howard Movie Review

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Tania Raymonde in Dirty Little Secret (2013)

Obsession by Lifetime

It was at a Las Vegas conference that Jodi Arias (Tania Raymonde - Texas Chainsaw) met Travis Alexander (Jesse Lee Soffer - Matinee); a Mormon who was there giving a motivational talk and it didn't take her long to seduce him, luring him to a hotel room to make passionate love. But on returning home to Mesa, Travis finds himself being reminded of what is expected of him by his friends and the church elders, leading to him trying to let Jodi down gently, telling her that they were only ever about having sex and fun. But Jodi is a woman who in her mind believes they are destined to be together as man and wife, turning into an obsessed stalker when it becomes clear that Travis is dumping her.

So yes "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret", is another one of those true story movies which was made for the Lifetime channel. And as so often is the case with these movies I had never heard of Jodi Arias or what she had done prior to watching this and so have to say that I don't know how close to the truth this TV movie sticks. Although, having watched many of these Lifetime true story movies I would take a guess that it takes some liberties and some times uses the story to try and be both entertaining and shocking, especially when it comes to Jodi's rampant sexual appetite.

Jesse Lee Soffer in Dirty Little Secret (2013)

But whether you know the true story or not what seems to be the case with "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" is that the writers have managed to fit the true story around the usual TV movie formula. As such what we get is the usual opening scene which is the result of a crime, and then we jump back and get the build up as we become aware that Jodi is an unstable, manipulative woman who turns exceptionally obsessed and unhinged when Travis dumps her which leads us to where the movie kicked off. All of which is just the typical formula which whilst there are the specifics of the storyline none of it manages to make this feel more than a formula driven true story movie about and obsessed woman scorned. About the only difference in "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" is that it is a little bit more graphic in places than the norm, although with each year which passes these Lifetime movies are becoming less suggestive and more in your face.

What this all boils down to is that "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" whilst an interesting and often entertaining movie sticks so close to the Lifetime true story formula that despite some specifics of the true story and some graphic scenes this blends into the mass collective of other Lifetime true story movies.