Diana: Her True Story (1993) starring Serena Scott Thomas, David Threlfall, Elizabeth Garvie, Donald Douglas directed by Kevin Connor Movie Review

Diana: Her True Story (1993)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Serena Scott Thomas in Diana: Her True Story (1993)


To put it simply "Diana: Her True Story" is an adaptation of Andrew Morton's book by the same name and takes us behind the scenes when it came to Prince Charles and Lady Diana. It takes us from before their romance through to their marriage and an unhappy life for Diana as she found herself in a loveless marriage and being unliked by others in the Royal household. How much truth and how much fiction there is to this we will never be fully known although as it is now 2015 there have been many other claims that things were not right that you would have to accept some credence to what is being said.

Synopsis of sorts out of the way with we have David Threlfall as Prince Charles, there has to be a Shameless joke there somewhere, sorry couldn't resist but when you have the actor most famous for playing the scruffy Frank Gallagher playing an incredibly stiff version of Prince Charles it has to be mentioned. Yes I did say stiff as it is an uncomfortably flat characterisation of Prince Charles although his characterisation is by no means the worst and through out the entire made for TV movie it is hard not to laugh or groan at some of the characterisations. Although I will say that over the course of cinematic history very few movies which have featured the British Royal family have got the characterisations right and this made for TV movie although originally a mini-series is not actually the worst when it comes to the acting and characterisation.

David Threlfall in Diana: Her True Story (1993)

But "Diana: Her True Story" does constantly end up a source of bemusement as it has absolutely no soul what so ever. Part of the trouble is that the dialogue is packed full of lines which make you groan. Early on when the Queen urges Charles to marry and wants to see him become King is just as bad as his response which says something about he hopes he won't be King for a long time. It is so phoney that it is embarrassing and sadly through out this TV movie it is full of other lines which only cause you to groan even louder.

The one kind of positive I can say about "Diana: Her True Story" is that for those who don't like reading but have frequently heard the stories of unrest this leads us through it all. There is mention that Charles always loved Camilla, there is mention of eating disorders, hints that Charles was forced in to the marriage and so much more. But for those who have read the stories or heard them time and again this fails to add any depth to the basic facts whilst recreating well known moments including the press photograph of the then Lady Diana in a skirt which became translucent when the sun backlit it.

What this all boils down to is that "Diana: Her True Story" is by no means the worst royal movie I have ever seen but it is one which watched now seems incredibly stiff and lacking any real depth.