Death Tunnel (2005)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Death Tunnel (2005) starring Steffany Huckaby, Melanie Lewis, Yolanda Pecoraro, Kristin Novak, Annie Burgstede

Bored to Death

I was handed this movie to watch but was told it was something else and so as it started I was shocked to discover it was a completely different movie and one I had no idea as to what it was. So after some digging around I discovered I was going to watch "Death Tunnel" a horror from 2005 which pretty much every review panned it. I should have given up then and found something else to watch as it didn't take long for me to discover why "Death Tunnel" is so poorly rated.

As to the actual storyline, well a group of medical students who attend a party in their lingerie agree to take part in an initiation where they have to spend 5 hours in an abandoned sanatorium where many years earlier the white plague wiped out the residents. But as they have to battle to survive the night against ghosts they come to discover a secret which they all share.

Death Tunnel (2005) starring Steffany Huckaby, Melanie Lewis, Yolanda Pecoraro, Kristin Novak, Annie Burgstede

So why did "Death Tunnel" suck from the word go? Well quite simply it starts with the acting which was terrible. Here is a case that the cast has been picked for their looks and each of the young actresses playing the medical students look great in lingerie and in some cases out of it but they can't deliver dialogue to save their lives. In fairness the dialogue they are given is horrendous and I doubt the likes of Hilary Swank could make it work but still it is bad.

But it is not just the acting and dialogue which sucks because we have terrible editing and direction. I am going to sum it up by saying that jerky CCTV footage of these young women in grey looking cells is not good. The knock on effect of this is that for a horror "Death Tunnel" has no atmosphere and thinks that cut hands and people in masks are scary, they are not.

But here is the really bad thing, do some research and you will discover that "Death Tunnel" was filmed at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, how much was filmed inside is another matter. Now do an internet search for Waverly Hills Sanatorium and you will learn that it is supposed to be one of the scariest places on the planet. Unfortunately instead of getting something which capitalizes on its notoriety we get a dumb ass horror movie which trades on dumb ass typical horror including some requisite scenes of nudity such as a ridiculous shower scene.

What this all boils down to is that "Death Tunnel" is a poor movie from start to finish, the sort which forces you to reassess all those other movies which you thought were terrible.