Dear God No! (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dear God No! (2011)

It's a No for Me

Outlaw biker gang The Impalers find themselves in a bloody massacre when after a road trip full of rape and murder they come across a rival gang in a strip club. With those who survived the fight taking shelter in a remote home in the Georgia Mountains they think it should be simple to stay there. But what they are met with is an absolute nightmare which is more depraved than they are and a young girl being kept hostage who might be the answer to the strange stuff going on up there.

I read somewhere that writer and director James Bickert decided to make "Dear God No!" when one evening having sunk a few he got nostalgic for the grindhouse movies which he would watch with his buddies at a drive in during the 70s. That is all well and good as whilst I would never go about making a movie there are many a dusky evening when I think wouldn't it be nice for someone to make a real 80s movies again. The trouble is to appreciate one of these nostalgic attempts to recreate the past you need to have had the same experiences as those who are making the movie.

So with all of that in mind and a reminder that I was born in Britain back in 1972 it should be of no surprise that I watched "Dear God No!" with a sense of bemusement because I couldn't relate to it. Now I have watched some grindhouse as well as some of the recent big screen takes on grindhouse but I have no nostalgic connection and what "Dear God No!" comes across as is almost a vanity movie, mates making a movie for them rather than for the masses. As such we have violence and boobs, violence and boobs and in between a bit of mystery surrounding the house in the hills. I guess that was the intention, to deliver the two things which young men in the 70s went to the drive in for but for the general horror movie fan it isn't enough to make this movie work.

What this all boils down to is that "Dear God No!" didn't work for me and seems to have been made for a very specific audience in mind. As such I can appreciate what the intention was even if it didn't work for me.