Deadly Hope (2012) Alana De La Garza, Sandrine Holt, Dan Jeannotte, Tim Campbell, Judith Baribeau, John Reardon, Paula MacPherson, Peter Michael Dillon Movie Review

Deadly Hope (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Alana De La Garza in Deadly Hope (2012)

No Hope

Joanne Connors (Alana De La Garza), a fertility specialist, has her world turned upside down when her business partner, Gabriel Haynes (Tim Campbell), is killed just as they had finally, after years of hard work, got their clinic running smoothly. It leads Joanne into the arms of another man as she had also been having an affair with her Gabriel despite him being married. When her one night stand also ends up dead Joanne begins to suspect that someone is either trying to kill her or mess with her life. It leads to her turning amateur detective to try and find out what is going on before anyone else is killed because of her. Meanwhile Detective Denise Landers (Sandrine Holt - Fire Serpent) is in charge of the official police investigation.

Wow and when I say wow I mean it in a "wow, this movie did absolutely nothing for me what so ever" kind of way. I am serious as right from the word go I found myself struggling to get interested let alone stay interested in "Deadly Hope" as what was unfolding in front of my eyes was ordinary with Montréal once again being used in place of Washington and a cast featuring attractive women such as Alana De La Garza. Basically "Deadly Hope" is typical of many modern TV movies which call them self thrillers but often lack and of the thrills or atmosphere.

Sandrine Holt in Deadly Hope (2012)

The trouble with "Deadly Hope" is that it is one of those movies which only seems to go through the motions as we get the initial murder whilst several suggestions are made as to who might be behind it; a flashback to an earlier patient whose wife died in their care, Gabriel's wife whose alibi doesn't add up and there are others, all the time we are being spoon-fed information. We also get idiotic cops who learn that Gabriel was murdered with a very thin pointed implement but haven't got the basic sense to think that the description sounds like a syringe. It really does become painful when you have cops who can't spot the obvious and then talk about it in a ridiculously dumb way.

But moronic characters are not the only problems for "Deadly Hope" as we have the character of Joanne Connors and whilst Alana De La Garza is attractive, which seems to be essential for this sort of TV movie, her character is not exactly easy to warm to. The same issue arises with Sandrine Holt as Detective Denise Landers because her character is cold and business like which doesn't make her easy to warm to either. As such when you struggle to take an interest in, or a liking to, these central characters it makes it even harder to become involved in the unfolding story going on in "Deadly Hope".

What this all boils down to is that beyond the look "Deadly Hope" has nothing going for it as it struggles to serve up likeable characters, atmosphere or even a storyline which draws the audience in.