Deadheads (2011) starring Michael McKiddy, Ross Kidder, Markus Taylor, Thomas Galasso directed by Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce Movie Review

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Michael McKiddy and Ross Kidder in Deadheads (2011)

Not a Dead Loss

Having been shot Mike (Michael McKiddy) comes to and is confused as to why he is not dead, fortunately he meets Brent (Ross Kidder) who decides to help him as they are both zombies, although more talkative than the usual brand of zombies. Together they decide to take a road trip to track down Mike's long lost girlfriend Ellie (Natalie Victoria) who he had been planning to propose to before he was killed which as he finds out was in fact 3 years ago. But they are not the only ones on a road trip as there are people after them.

Well it is certainly an interesting premise, a zombie romantic comedy where the focus is actually two zombies who go on a road trip to track down a one true love. When you think of horror comedies it is a nice switch on things as there are not many movies that give us the central characters as the horror subjects. And making it a road trip love story also differs from the norm or at least the norm for a horror comedy involving zombies. But then it tries to be too clever when we get to see what is really going on and without giving too much a way we are not talking an apocalypse which destroys countries.

Now also on what are plus point "Deadhead" also has a great look with some nice make up jobs and special effects when it comes to limbs and organs dropping off as well as people being run over. It is for me the movie's real strong point as the look has everything that a horror comedy should call for from plenty of blood spurting to nails being hammered through hands which in turn gives it an almost Laurel and Hardy style of visual comedy. On the subject of which Michael McKiddy and Ross Kidder make for an enjoyable double act whose characterisations certainly bring plenty of laughs.

But you know that the positives can't go on for ever and "Deadheads" has issues and I don't just mean the fact by trying to be too clever when it comes to the story. Nope I am afraid that pretty much all the comedy dialogue barely raises a smile. As such when ever anyone speaks it ends up annoyingly unfunny which is a shame when most of the visual gags work.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadheads" could have been a great horror comedy but it is let down by consistently weak comedy dialogue. It is a shame as the look, the visual gags and being a zombie rom-com gives it plenty of good jokes.

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