Dark House (2014) Luke Kleintank, Alex McKenna, Anthony Rey, Zack Ward, Tobin Bell Movie Review

Dark House (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dark House (2014)

A Strange House

Nick Di Santo (Luke Kleintank) has a strange gift, when he touches someone he has visions of how they will die except it doesn't happen when he ends up touching the hand of Eve (Alex McKenna) who not only moves in with him and his friend Ryan (Anthony Rey) but ends up pregnant. But shortly after this Nick's mother, who was in an insane asylum dies and Nick finds himself inheriting an old house in River's End. The thing is that whilst Nick knew nothing about the house he had been drawing it since he was just a child. And things get weirder when the friends go looking for it learning that River's End was washed away in a flood but that house was washed through a wood and into a valley where legend has it still stands. And the strange doesn't end there as Nicky and Ryan along with some land surveyors find the house but find the strange Seth (Tobin Bell) inhabiting it before they come under attack from axe wielding mutants.

Did that synopsis lose you because trust me "Dark House" lost me and not long after it started. Here is a movie which goes with an idea, so we see how when Nick visits his mum and touches her he has a vision of her death, but then it goes off on a tangent and we see him meeting Eve which one scene later she is heavily pregnant and Nick's mum died in a fire. Not so bad but in the mean time we have had voices coming from the ventilation grids in the asylum which seem to be connected to Nick's mysterious dad. But wait let's not just have Nick inherit a house let's have it wash through some woods until it comes to rest against a tree. Quite simply "Dark House" constantly seems to be throwing a gimmick at the audience to keep them entertaining and watching.

Now I will be honest the longer that "Dark House" went on the less entertained I became as I struggled to make sense of this movie and all these gimmicks but in truth it doesn't seem to be that complicated anyway. What we have is a trapped spirit which wants releasing and Nick happens to be the key to the spirit getting free. Along the way some people end up collateral damage whilst some people end up not being what they first seem and that is it. Oh and remember Eve ends up pregnant with Nick's child so anyone who knows their horror movies can hazard a guess where this movie will end up.

What this all boils down to is that "Dark House" was too messy for me and seemed to throw gimmicks at the audience to try and spice up what is a convoluted storyline in the first place. There will be those who enjoy it but if you prefer your horror movies to be logical and less convoluted then this will be hard work.