Dark Feed (2013) Dayna Cousins, Michael Scott Allen, Michael Reed, Jonathan Thomson, Movie Review

Dark Feed (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dark Feed (2013)

Another Horror in a Haunted Hospital

In need of a creepy location to shoot a low budget horror movie a film crew sets up shop in an abandoned psychiatric hospital which has a notorious past. As little things start to go wrong those involved think it is just coincidences until their frequency starts to lead to paranoia and stress amongst the cast and crew. As more and more of the crew experience the strange goings on they start sniping at each other whilst the abandoned hospital appears to be turning the screw on them and certainly making it difficult for anyone to leave.

Surely those who make horror movies are aware of the familiarity of certain set ups and know that to make an impact they either need to be perfect or bring something new to the mix to make their movie stand out from the crowd. I say this because after watching "Dark Feed" I wondered what writers/directors Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen intentions were as this is a by the book horror movie with the classic abandoned hospital trapping those who enter and the paranormal stuff leads to people dying. Even the whole self referential film crew making a horror movie story lacks impact.

The trouble with "Dark Feed" is that 99% of it is not only typical but below par typical. Characters that are forgettable and seem nameless, poor dialogue and even worse acting are just some of the things which cause this movie not only to splutter along but cause many and audience to consider calling quits on the movie before it is finished. But once in a while the Rasmussens get it very right and almost out of nowhere as if someone else has taken over you get a scene which is genuinely creepy and it is those occasional moments which keep you going when so much of the movie is poor.

What this all boils down to is that "Dark Feed" is mainly just another poor horror movie which takes us in to another abandoned asylum/ hospital. But once in a while there is a scene which will grab your attention and whilst they don't save the movie they at least stop it from being utterly terrible.