Dangerous Intuition (2013) Genea Charpentier, David Cubitt, Dakota Guppy, Tricia Helfer, Estella Warren, John Innes, Dylan Neal, Jill Teed Movie Review

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Tricia Helfer in Dangerous Intuition (2013)

Parental Premonitions

Kate Aldrich (Tricia Helfer - Hidden Crimes) had it all, a good career and a happy marriage, or so she thought as when her husband Dan (David Cubitt) leaves her for Laura (Estella Warren - Kangaroo Jack) she suffers a break down. After recovering and dealing with shared custody of their daughter, Izzy (Genea Charpentier - Run for Your Life), in her own strained way, Kate begins to have premonitions that things are not right and Izzy is in danger from Laura. The trouble is that no one believes her and even her close friend, Hugh (Dylan Neal - A Wife's Nightmare), wonders whether Kate is manifesting these dreams out of hurt over Laura taking her place as Izzy's mum and Dan's wife. The question is; is this all in Kate's head or is she right and Laura isn't the perfect mum she is making herself out to be?

I will keep this review of "Dangerous Intuition" to three things with the third of which being a spoiler because without it this made for TV movie sounds ordinary. But let me start with what is good and I imagine that any woman who finds herself being left by her husband for another woman and then having to share custody of their child has to deal with various emotional issues. There must be the basic feeling of abandonment especially if the daughter is as fond of the stepmother as she he is the mother and then there must be the fear of whether this other woman is a good mother or not. As such the basics of "Dangerous Intuition" are good as it uses these basic building blocks to develop something more.

Estella Warren in Dangerous Intuition (2013)

The second thing is that typical side of "Dangerous Intuition" with several Lifetime cliches. We have Kate being a business woman who was always working which was why her husband left her, we have the typical things such as when someone uncovers something and calls Kate it is the only time she doesn't pick up her phone and of course the person dies after leaving an answer phone message. We also have the cliche of whether or not Kate is manifesting these fears or whether there is real proof that Izzy is in danger.

And then there is the third thing and this is where I had better say spoiler alert again as we have the twists. First of which the girl in Kate's dreams is not Izzy but actually Laura as a child, secondly Laura has been married before and the husband and child died. And then there is another twist which I won't reveal but will say your head is going to do two full revolutions due to these twists with the final one connecting to an opening scene. On one hand it makes "Dangerous Intuition" entertaining but at the same time it also makes it far fetched.

What this all boils down to is that "Dangerous Intuition" features the good, the regular and the ridiculous when it comes to the story and you will either think the succession of twists, which occur towards the end, are brilliant or hilariously outlandish. I am more in the outlandish group which combined with Lifetime movie cliches makes "Dangerous Intuition" less than spectacular but not terrible.