Dance Night Obsession (2016) Sabrina Bryan, Antonio Sabato Jr., Cambrie Schroder, Sam Clark, Nikki Crawford, David Blue, Daisha Graf Movie Review

Dance Night Obsession (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Antonio Sabato Jr. and Sabrina Bryan in Dance Night Obsession (2016)

A Dance Dud

When her twin sister is murdered, Kate Higgins (Sabrina Bryan) finds herself trying to pick up the pieces of her life and return to her a career as a dance choreographer on a TV show. But with her sister's murderer never found things are not easy and they get a lot worse when Kate's friend Teresa (Rachael Markarian) is also murdered. Between not knowing whether Teresa was murdered by the same person who killed her sister and someone clearly stalking her things start to get desperate for Kate as she edges closer to a nervous background. But that is when she makes the decision to not allow the situation to beat her and starts to take control of things as she begins to suspect those close to her.

A few thoughts on Antonio Sabato Jr., he appears in "Dance Night Obsession" as Kate's husband. Now when I see that Sabato Jr. is appearing in a thriller my first line of thought is I bet he is the killer, it is the sort of role he has played a few times and if not the killer then maybe a bad guy. But here is the twist as whilst his character has issues with the producer of the TV show he is Kate's husband and initially comes across as a nice guy. The other thing is that whilst Antonio Sabato Jr. is a solid actor I would never say he is a great actor, but around the rest of the cast in "Dance Night Obsession" he certainly seems head and shoulders above them. I will leave it to you to decide as to whether he upped his game or those around him end up coming across as weak.

Anyway aside from Antonio Sabato Jr. what we have in "Dance Night Obsession" is firstly a movie which for one is trying to be current by having a storyline connected to a dance show. And secondly it is a pretty routine thriller, the sort you would often find on TV where a woman finds her self scared as not only has there been murders but she feels that someone is stalking her. As such we have Kate eventually having enough of being the victim and taking it upon herself to fight back and find out who is behind this campaign of terror. "Dance Night Obsession" is as I said pretty routine stuff with a storyline which to be blunt doesn't do enough to get you gripped by what is going on.

What this all boils down to is that "Dance Night Obsession" didn't do much for me as the storyline ended up not that enthralling and the acting, well as I said Antonio Sabato Jr. was the best thing about the acting. But whilst not the most exciting of thrillers I am sure those involved wanted it to be there is some thing about it which is watch able.