Cyberstalker (2012) Mischa Barton, Dan Levy, Ron Lea, Marco Grazzini, Mark Caven, Peter Michael Dillon, Natalie Brown Movie Review

Cyberstalker (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Mischa Barton in Cyberstalker (2012)

Stalking Again

As a teenager back in 1999 Aiden Ashley (Mischa Barton - Closing the Ring) and her parents were plagued by a stalker who was obsessed with young Aiden and who one night murdered her parents before disappearing. Since then Aiden has spent her life avoiding the technology of the modern world in order to live under the radar with even her friend, Detective Page (Ron Lea - Burden of Evil), unaware as to her location. But it seems her stalker has not forgotten about her and when her friend Winton (Mark Caven) insists on putting her art work in to an exhibition it puts her back in to danger as her stalker managers to track her down as down Detective Page.

Give me a character I can care about and maybe I will give a damn. That was the constant thought running through my head after I watched "Cyberstalker" and wondering what the heck I was going to write about in a review of this movie. It is the screaming issue that the movie has because whilst Mischa Barton is a likeable actress her character in this is short on depth and detail which makes it difficult to care about the fact she has to live her life like a recluse or that suddenly she is in a situation where she doesn't know who she can trust.

But truth be told "Cyberstalker" is a movie not driven by the danger which a character faces and that means it is not a movie which thrives on an ominous atmosphere either. Nope, what "Cyberstalker" is about is a guessing game where we watch and are meant to wonder who of the various characters we meet is going to be the psycho stalker. Will it be the nice guy she meets at the art exhibition, maybe her old friend Winton, how about the detective or a cop friend. And what about the geeky IT guy in a wheelchair who works with the police? But it comes back to that problem of not caring enough about the characters to really care who the psycho stalker is, although it doesn't take much effort to work it out.

What this all boils down to is that "Cyberstalker" ends up a movie which starts at A gets to Z but along the way doesn't do much to really get you enjoying the ride.