Curtain (2015) Danni Smith, Tim Lueke, Martin Monahan, Rick Zahn Movie Review

Curtain (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Tim Lueke and Danni Smith in Curtain (2015)

The Shower Curtain People

Having suffered burn out, Danni (Danni Smith), a former nurse, finds a new apartment where she hopes she live a quiet life. But she soon realises that there is something not right with her new home as when ever she puts up a shower curtain it vanishes. Capturing what goes on in her bathroom on her cell phone she sees the curtain vanishing into a portal in the bathroom's wall. With her new friend Tim they start to investigate what is happening only to realise that this gateway in the bathroom goes both ways and what ever is o the other side could come into their world.

Okay folks, I read a couple of reviews of "Curtain" and those reviews were banding around the sort of words I tend not to use as I aim my reviews for the masses. What I mean is that these reviews were using pseudo intellectual phrases to analyse this independent horror movie and their characters and there is nothing wrong with uses sentences you would have read in film school but they sound preposterous when used against a quirky but simply movie which is what "Curtain" is.

But here is the thing "Curtain" is one of those movies which you can't do an in-depth review on as it would spoil the experience. As such what I will say is that there is a strange brew going on because there is an almost black comedy side to the movie as we have the vanishing shower curtains leading to Tim and Danni's adhoc investigation. But then you get some dark moments including one involving a branding iron. But there is of course a lot of mystery to all this as slowly through Danni we get an understanding of that this gateway is as well as the dangers which come with it.

What this all boils down to is that "Curtain" isn't going to be for everyone, it is a curious movie which seems to embrace many different styles and ideas whilst it is done on what appears to be a small budget. But if curious mystery movies with a horror slant is your sort of thing then it might entertain.