Creep (2005) Franka Potente, Jeremy Sheffield, Craig Fackrell, Vas Blackwood, Sean Harris Movie Review

Creep (2005)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Franka Potente in Creep (2005)

A Slow Crawl

Having gone to a party Kate (Franka Potente) leaves to get the last tube train but as she takes sips from a miniature bottle she falls asleep. When she wakes up she finds herself locked in but not alone as a work colleague, Guy (Jeremy Sheffield), has followed her there with a plan of having sex with her whether she wants to or not. But there is someone or something else living down in the London Underground and Kate finds herself in a battle to survive in the labyrinth of tunnels where something lives and attacks those that they find down there later at night.

As a Brit I have always said that the London Underground would make a fantastic location for a horror movie with its labyrinth of tunnels and access passages. Unfortunately whilst "Creep" stages its action in the London Underground it is not the great horror movie the tunnels deserve and in truth it was a movie which disappointed by being a one trick pony. Oh it tries to way lay you with a scene here and there such as the rape scene when Guy decides to try and force himself on Kate but it isn't a shocking scene mainly due to it not only being there for obvious shock value but also because it follows some unnatural dialogue.

That one trick pony I am on about is the shock value of the creature/monster which inhabits the tunnels late at night. As such the talented Franka Potente is absolutely wasted as the young woman who finds herself trapped in the tube as it is a role which could have been played by anyone. So instead of being immersed in are heroine's battle of survival what we are left with is what looks like a reject from "The Hills Have Eyes" and his sadistic brand of hurting people with his grubby hands and dirtier tools. Maybe for some seeing someone getting there head smash into a blade will be frightening but for me it was just another movie doing what other movies have already done. And it does this so often that it even starts telegraphing the moments of horror with its scene set up such as one where actor Vas Blackwood stands in a doorway.

What this all boils down to is that "Creep" did very little for me and ended up not only a waste of Franka Potente's talent but also a waste of location with the London Underground not used to its full potential.