Crawl or Die (2014) Movie Review

Crawl or Die (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Nicole Alonso in Crawl or Die (2014)

It Crawled and Died

The future of mankind now rests on a single woman who is the last known woman to be virus free and capable of becoming pregnant. But as such she requires protection an elite security team are in charge of transporting her to safety. But this team find themselves in a maze of tunnels being chased into smaller and more claustrophobic tunnels with their situation become increasingly desperate.

Money makes the world go round and I hate to say this but it can also be the saviour of a movie. I know more money would have saved "Crawl or Die" because 90% of this movie is thwarted by what I can only imagine was very limited funds. The problems range from weak acting by those in lesser roles to a lot of the movie being hard to watch as the cameras are unable to handle shooting in dark tunnels. It far too often ends up not just shaky but blurred and that leads to it lacking the truly electrifying atmosphere of someone crawling around tunnels and being chased such as in the "Alien" movies.

But you see "Crawl or Die" rather than just using ideas from other movies, such as the last woman able to get pregnant, it has an idea of its own. That idea is the situation that these people have to keep moving on despite the tunnels they are in getting progressively smaller and their options if attacked are becoming limited. It is a nice idea but not enough to make "Crawl or Die" work on its own. It is the same with the acting as whilst Nicole Alonso does her best to deliver character as the punk like Tank the rest of the acting is anonymous.

This sense of being anonymous is part of the movie's major issue because initially you don't know what is going on or who are who as we witness in a blur people descending into a tunnel. We then get tossed a flashback scene of a leader giving orders to a security team over transporting a package where we sort of get a bit of an idea of what is happening, in a spoon fed manner. But then we are back in the tunnel and back waiting for something to happen to build on what we have been told and we keep on waiting and waiting.

What this all boils down to is that "Crawl or Die" is a movie with an idea but it needed a lot more than that idea to work especially money as the low budget nature of this makes it hard work.