Cradle of Fear (2001)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Cradle of Fear (2001)

Cradle of Oh Dear

It is impossible to write a synopsis for "Cradle of Fear" as this is simply a movie built up of 4 short stories which are all connected by one character. So for example the first story features a woman who has a strange, drugged encounter with a man and after that she starts having strange visions and a weird encounter with a little girl before meeting her grizzly end at her own hands. This leads a detective at the crime scene fondling her breast as he wants to make sure she is dead. Yes you read that last bit right.

Now this is going to be short and not very sweet because "Cradle of Fear" ended up on being garbage although garbage which I say had potential when it was written. The whole linkage of separate stories via a single character has great potential because you can keep things short and entertaining before going on to something different. The trouble is that there feels to be no difference between stories and so other the first horror vignette has finished it sort of merges into the next.

But whilst on paper I reckon "Cradle of Fear" had potential the end product is weak. There is weak acting, weak dialogue and weak camera work as well as an annoying soundtrack which feels like someone found an old sampler they had as a teen and went manic on it. But the worst thing is that "Cradle of Fear" becomes so disappointing it ends up being purely about the visual be it the nudity or the horror effects which are not great but not bad enough to be entertaining for being bad. In fact the humour which includes someone getting their head bashed out with a candle stick holder just disappoints.

What this all boils down to is that "Cradle of Fear" didn't do it for me and ended up a movie which whilst having some nice ideas ends up a movie of sick, depraved visuals.