Country Remedy (2007) (aka: Simple Things) Cameron Bancroft, Bellamy Young, Aidan Mitchell, Joshua Leonard Movie Review

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Cameron Bancroft and Edie McClurg in Country Remedy (2007) (aka: Simple Things)

A New Life in Dunn

Following the death of his wife Dr. Evan Gibbs (Cameron Bancroft) has thrown himself in to his work and has his eyes on the position of Head of Paediatrics at a top Chicago hospital. In order to secure the position Evan must head to the backwater town of Dunn which needs its medical services overhauled and he takes his young son Nate (Aidan Mitchell) with him. It is a bit of a culture shock for the clean and orderly Evan who struggles with the local's laid back attitude and payment with produce whilst young Nate is struggling to deal with the loss of his mum on his own.

Several years ago I wrecked my back and in those first few weeks of being stuck as home rather than going to work I discovered this little American TV series called "Everwood". For those who don't know it was about a doctor who relocates to a backwater town with his children after the death of his wife and he ends up becoming part of the community. "Country Remedy", which also goes by the name of "Simple Things" reminds me heavily of "Everwood" despite the set up being about Dr. Gibbs doing this small town work to secure a bigger job in the city.

Bellamy Young in Country Remedy (2007) (aka: Simple Things)

As such what you get in "Country Remedy" is quite typical, although some might prefer the word cliche. We get Dr. Gibbs' initial struggles with the country way of life where no one is in a hurry, there is also a single mother who becomes friends With Evan whilst his son makes friends as well. Plus of course there is some father and son bond as they realise they need each other. I could go on but I am sure you get the gist at the sort of gentle drama which goes on in "Country Remedy" and it is pleasant enough but there isn't anything special about it which makes it memorably stand out.

What this all boils down to is that "Country Remedy" is usual; it is a typical easy on the eye small town drama which takes some ideas which have been done many a time before and reworks them in the usual manner. And there is nothing wrong with that as it is pleasant and amusing with its intentional stereotyping but it isn't overly memorable.