Conspiracy Exposed (1981) (aka: Thornwell) Glynn Turman, Vincent Gardenia, Craig Wasson Movie Review

Conspiracy Exposed (1981)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Glynn Turman in Conspiracy Exposed (1981) (aka: Thornwell)

Drug Abused

"Conspiracy Exposed" is the story of James R. Thornwell who whilst serving in the Army in France as a communications clerk during the early 1960s was interrogated by Army Intelligence when some important papers went missing and he was the main suspect because of his attitude. What Thornwell didn't know at the time was that he was given LSD during the interrogation, that is until the late 70s when having suffered from various psychiatric disorders he discovered the truth as to what happened and with the aid of a lawyer he sets about suing the US Government for the years of misery he has suffered and the inability to keep hold of a job due to his psychiatric problems.

When a movie doesn't completely grab me it makes me contemplate who the movie was made for, what sort of audience would get most out of it? Now whilst "Conspiracy Exposed" has a side element about racism in the army the real story is the injustice done against James R. Thornwell when he was given LSD without his knowledge. As such I would say that "Conspiracy Exposed" is a movie made more for those who have an interest in military history as well as military cover ups and I am sure it is probably both interesting and entertaining.

Craig Wasson in Conspiracy Exposed (1981) (aka: Thornwell)

But what does that mean for those who stumble across "Conspiracy Exposed" and watch more as a movie fan? Well it is certainly interesting as we watch Thornwell seemingly being interrogated due to the colour of his skin as there is no other motive shown for why he was singled out or at least to start with. The words vindictive come to mind amongst other things as reference to "you people" but the thing is that whilst it is interesting for a movie fan it needs something else to make it work for those who are not so in to the military conspiracy side of things.

Despite that Glynn Turman delivers an effective performance of a man who despite having faced a lot of difficulties over the years has maintained a level of respect and not allowing his situation to get the better of him be it during the interrogations or later on as he seeks answers. In fact whilst "Conspiracy Exposed" features some other recognizable actors such as Craig Wasson this movie belongs to Glynn Turman and what is a performance which grows the longer the movie goes on.

What this all boils down to is that "Conspiracy Exposed" is an interesting movie which features a good performance from Glynn Turman as James Robert Thornwell. But whilst interesting I would say it is more of a movie for those interested in military cover ups than those who stumble across it and watch out of curiosity.