Conquest of Mycene (1963) (aka: Hercules vs. Molloch / Hercules Attacks) starring Gordon Scott, Alessandra Panaro, Rosalba Neri, Arturo Dominici directed by Giorgio Ferroni Movie Review

Conquest of Mycene (1963)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Gordon Scott in Conquest of Mycene (1963) (aka: Hercules vs. Molloch / Hercules Attacks)

A Small Conquest

Having been made aware of something strange going on in Mycene, Glaucus (Gordon Scott), the prince of Tiryns, disguises himself to go unnoticed and witnesses that young, attractive hostages are being gathered from nearby kingdoms. After gaining favour with Queen Demetra (Rosalba Neri) by defeating her strongest guard he learns that her son has grown up as the human embodiment of the god Molloch who lives in an underground grotto and receives sacrifices all of which leads to Glaucus staging an invasion on the city by the Tiryns.

A typical sword & sandal movie which came out of Europe during the 60s would have featured a storyline surrounding warring countries with a hero figure leading the fight against a country which is up to no good. And that is what you get from "Conquest of Mycene", one of its many names, a story which sees Gordon Scott starring as Glaucus who goes under cover as Hercules to deal with the trouble in Mycene. Yes there is some mystery and the interesting aspect of Queen Demetra's son being raised as the god Molloch which sees him wearing a dog's head but when it comes down to it the outcome is the same as other movies.

In fact there is a lot which is the same about "Conquest of Mycene" and whilst we have Gordon Scott showing off his bronzed body there is little difference between his acting and that of Steve Reeves. And then there are the various attractive women with Rosalba Neri delivering seductive beauty as Queen Demetra. But it is all the same sort of thing you will have seen in other sword & sandal movies from the era with nothing standing out to make "Conquest of Mycene" more memorable than any of the others.

But don't get me wrong as whilst the end product ends up familiar "Conquest of Mycene" is nicely put together and as always the sets and costumes are impressive. And the action, well when we have action surrounding the army the scale of it impresses.

What this all boils down to is that "Conquest of Mycene" is really just another sword & sandal movie from the 60s with nothing really standing out about it to make it more memorable than any of the other sword & sandal movies.