Community (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jemma Dallender and Elliott Jordan in Community (2012)

What an E-State

Amongst those who don't live there Draymen Estate has not only become the stuff of urban legend but also some where to avoid due to those stories of violence and people who enter the estate but never return. Even the police stay out of their as they fear what will happen to them if they go in. But that doesn't put off middle class film school students Isabelle (Jemma Dallender) and Will (Elliott Jordan) who enter to make a documentary. What they discover is beyond there worst nightmare as they meet children who kill animals, stoned mothers who give their kids weed to calm them down and much more including teens who under the influence of drugs become animalistic thugs. But is all as it seems when a mother mentions that they grow weed on the estate and Isabelle wants to find it.

Jemma Dallender and Elliott Jordan are probably really nice people but as Isabelle and Will they come across as the self obsessed type of people which annoy me more than bad film making. That gives "Community" a huge problem as right from the word go the character's attitude is so up themselves and patronising that it is impossible to connect to either of them. Now that puts you in the weird position of almost sympathising with the various characters we meet who live on the estate from the almost feral kids who kill wild animals to their mother who gives them weed to calm them down to the pack of teens who behave like crazed animals.

This alienation to the main characters seriously makes "Community" hard work which is a shame as it has a curious idea when it comes to how they manage to grow drugs, what they use for fertilizer and what their weed does to them. But unfortunately between the pretentious Isabelle and Will and the typical representation of the lower classes being inbred dope smokers it makes it even harder work to be entertained by the typical horror nonsense which fills up the rest of the movie with are young friends having to fight for their survival.

What this all boils down to is that "Community" could have been a good movie which elaborates on the council estate set up and makes it a horror movie but because of the characterisations, especially those of Isabelle and Will it becomes too patronising and annoying to work.