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Carly McKillip and Benjamin Hollingsworth in Coming Home for Christmas (2013)

Home is Where the Heart is at

It has been 5 years since sisters Kate (Carly McKillip) and Melanie (Britt McKillip) spoke after Kate told Melanie she was making a mistake on her wedding day and in that time their parents Wendy (Amy Jo Johnson) and Al (George Canyon) have had to sell the family home and move in to a town house. When Wendy and Al have a row and split up Kate sets about coming up with a plan to get them back together by staging a traditional family Christmas which firstly means she needs to make up with her sister. But she also needs to persuade the new owner of their family home to let them use it for Christmas which is how she meets Mike (Benjamin Hollingsworth), a former marine who runs a wood work shop in the town with Ryan (Jordan McIntosh) the son of his best friend who died in action overseas.

"Coming Home for Christmas" makes me feel like saying a bit of a contradiction as it is a movie with quite a lot going on yet in truth it isn't. What I mean is that after a short intro of the perfect Christmases we get the row between Kate and Melanie, we then get issues between their parents as Wendy misses the family home, then we have Mike's story which sees him acting as a sort of guardian to Ryan his late best friend's son. But there is more as there is of course some romance, some confusion over characters feelings, sisterly tension and also a mystery surrounding Mike's past and large family. That is quite a bit for a Christmas movie yet in truth what you get in "Coming Home for Christmas" boils down to family issues getting sorted and Kate and Mike falling for each other. It certainly gives you a bit to keep track of even if most of it ends up pretty predictable.

But whilst to my knowledge "Coming Home for Christmas" was not made as a Christmas TV movie it does share plenty in common with those movies. As such there is that cute romance which not only features the obligatory kiss under the mistletoe but also an old fashioned way Kate lifts her leg when she kisses Mike, yes I did find it both forced and corny. But we also have some nice snow covered streets, beautiful decorations and lots of other Christmassy things although the number of people in town in a scene which is suppose to be Christmas morning is quite comical. And that includes some Christmas song singing which is where sisters Carly and Britt McKillip really come in to their own and deliver more than just bubbly performances.

What this all boils down to is that "Coming Home for Christmas" is nothing more than an enjoyable Christmas movie with plenty of character storylines but overall nothing which will surprise fans of feel good Christmas movies.

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