Come Dance at My Wedding (2009) John Schneider, Brooke Nevin, Roma Downey, Christopher Jacot Movie Review

Come Dance at My Wedding (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

John Schneider in Come Dance at My Wedding (2009)

Dancing in a Small Town

Cyd (Brooke Nevin) is doing her best to keep the dance school going after the death of her mother especially as she has her upcoming wedding to high school sweetheart Zach (Christopher Jacot) to organize as well. But Cyd's past comes back when she is approached by some developers who wish to buy the dance studio as the father she never met, Tanner Gray (John Schneider), is listed as part owner ad will have to agree before any deal is done. The thing is that Tanner didn't even know he had a daughter and so when he finds out he shows up in town to meet her, make up for lost time and bond whilst deciding what they should do with the dance school. Meanwhile whilst Zach wants them to sell up as quickly as possible.

I don't think I have come across a simpler movie than "Come Dance at My Wedding" when it comes to the narrative as it starts with Cyd looking forward to her wedding, selling the family dance school and moving on to the next adventure in life with the aid of the money from the sale. Enter the handsome father she has never met and who never knew he had a daughter and we of course get them bonding with Cyd beginning to realise the appeal of the town she lives in and the dance school which has been in the family for a long time. Whilst I won't say how "Come Dance at My Wedding" ends we are talking a Hallmark channel movie here and so happy ever after shouldn't really be a surprise.

But again, "Come Dance at My Wedding" is one of those movies with plenty of easy going appeal and relies heavily on good looking stars acting nice, being caring and so on. As such we have John Schneider giving us some smooth operator with a touch of the weathered look about him which makes him work well with Roma Downey who must have one of the worst written parts going. Then there is Brooke Nevin who basically plays the nicest young woman on the face of the planet. Toss in scenes of some dancing and it all comes together to deliver an obvious heart warming little tale.

What this all boils down to is that "Come Dance at My Wedding" is nothing special but for those who like light hearted, unapologetically cute made for TV movies with a good looking cast and some dance scenes will find this some charming fun.