Cold December (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Liam Fountain in Cold December (2007)


Chris Payton (Liam Fountain) really does have a good life as he is married to the lovely Kate (Alyssa Roehrenbeck), he has no children to worry about and has a good job. Trouble is that one day starts to feel exactly like the previous one and he fears that he will be doing exactly the same thing when he is 40. Deciding he needs to switch his life around it just causes more and more frustration especially when he takes all of this frustration out on Kate.

As I watched "Cold December" two things struck me. The first of those things is the character of Chris Payton who is feeling dissatisfied with his lot in life and it is making him miserable and the more he thinks about it the more miserable he becomes especially when he sees other people's lives which seem so much better than his. And truth be told I can emphasis with the character of Chris as I have regular fallen into that feeling of dissatisfaction with my life which leads to a spiral of negative thoughts.

The thing is that whilst every now and then "Cold December" connects with me as a whole it doesn't. One of the reasons is that this is an ultra low budget movie made with a home video camera and that gives it a very amateur feel. The other reasons is that so much of this movie seems to be filler from conversations which have no point to shots of buildings and birds which add nothing to the movie what so ever. In truth if "Cold December" had been trimmed down with all the filler removed it would have ended up much more interesting.

What this all boils down to is that "Cold December" is one of those low budget movies which as a whole didn't work for me but there were chunks of it which actually grabbed me especially with the spiral of negativity which Chris felt at the dissatisfaction he had for his routine life.