Code of the Mounted (1935) Kermit Maynard, Robert Warwick, Jim Thorpe, Lillian Miles Movie Review

Code of the Mounted (1935)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Kermit Maynard in Code of the Mounted (1935)

Another Undercover Mountie

Whilst Raoul Marlin (Roger Williams) is being question by the Mounties over the murder of a fur trapper one of his criminal friends breaks him out. As the Mounties continue their investigations lead by Corporal Jim Wilson (Kermit Maynard) who goes undercover to try and get in with the gang of outlaws. But much to his surprise he discovers that the gang is being run by a female gangster.

Oh how times have changed and to be honest watching "Code of the Mounted" now it is hard to believe how this western of sorts entertained audiences back in 1935. Now you may think I am being harsh but I have watched quite a few of these old one hour westerns and for me "Code of the Mounted" doesn't compare well to those others. As such I have to say that thankfully this is one of those old movies which have slipped into the Public Domain which means you can watch them legally for free online.

Lillian Miles in Code of the Mounted (1935)

Now in fairness there is a bit going on in "Code of the Mounted"; we have killings, undercover Mounties, women bosses and of course some action. But at the same time all these elements are pretty stereotypical and as such it is a case of not only being déjà vu but also forgettable for being so routine. In fact you remember "Code of the Mounted" for its issues and they start from an irrelevant opening scene where we see some trick riding from the usual horse gymnastics of a rider to another who pulls off a jump whilst chariot racing two horses. Sadly it doesn't end up much better and the end result is a movie which ends up choppy thanks to the hatchet job which the editor has done.

What this all boils down to is that even taking into consideration its age "Code of the Mounted" is a poor movie and not one which manages to successfully command your attention. Maybe fans of Kermit Maynard will enjoy this whilst those not familiar with these old movies might also find it entertaining but for those who are it ends up weak.