Class of '63 (1973) James Brolin, Joan Hackett, Cliff Gorman, Woody Chambliss, Ed Lauter Movie Review

Class of '63 (1973)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Joan Hackett and James Brolin in Class of '63 (1973)

Reunion Stirs up Old Feelings for Guy

It's the 10 year reunion for the Class of '63 and a group of old college friends are turning out at their old college to catch up. Amongst the group is Joe Hart (James Brolin) and Dave McKay (Ed Lauter). Also at the reunion is Mickey Swerner (Cliff Gorman) who married Louise (Joan Hackett) but still feels jealousy towards Joe who always out did him and who also once dated Louise. It leads to tensions between Joe and Mickey especially when he sees Louise talking to him on their own away from the rest of the reunion party.

As reunion movies go "Class of '63" certainly is a little different as this isn't about those who achieved their dreams and so on but a little guy who has a chip on his shoulder as to how he was and treated. As such we have Mickey who whilst being married and successful is riled by those who call him guy rather than his name and being shorter than everyone else sees him constantly trying to compete and beat the bigger men. But we also see his insecurity when it comes to his wife Louise and her former beau Joe, knowing very well when it comes to Louise she still carries a torch for the handsome Joe despite letting her down many years ago.

As such what you get in "Class of '63" is an escalating situation where on one hand Mickey finds himself competing with everyone again whilst having to watch as Louise drifts back in to Joe's arms. How this plays out is where some drama comes both when it comes to Mickey's reaction but also when it comes to Louise and Joe. The thing is that whilst this drama is certainly interesting it isn't overly memorable and to be honest is the sort of thing you might find yourself drawn to watch once every 10 years.

What this all boils down to is that "Class of '63" is a bit of a pleasant surprise as this is a thrilling movie or one which aims to entertain with major events. Instead it pleasantly examines old emotions which a man can't let go of when he attends a class reunion.