Christmas Solo (2017) (aka: A Song for Christmas) Kelli Williams, Jonathan Scarfe, Pippa Mackie, Kayla Wallace, Ricky He, Naika Toussaint, Natalie von Rotsburg, Ciela Estrada Movie Review

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Kelli Williams in Christmas Solo (2017) (aka: A Song for Christmas)

In Harmony at Christmas

Christmas is coming and Jennifer (Kelli Williams - A Boyfriend for Christmas) wants to decorate the whole house to make it special for her daughter. It is how she meets Nate (Jonathan Scarfe - Angel of Christmas) as he buys the last two Christmas reindeer ornaments in a store as Jennifer was returning a faulty one. It leads to the two of them becoming friendly and then close but also discovering that their daughters are rivals in school. Nate's daughter Melissa (Kayla Wallace), who blames her father for splitting up with her mum, is less than happy when Jennifer's daughter, Charlotte (Pippa Mackie), gets the lead in the Christmas concert.

One of the things you discover when you watch a lot of made for TV Christmas movies is the issue of duplicate titles and as such this year Hallmark showed a movie called "A Song for Christmas", but then UPtv also have a movie called "A Song for Christmas", which is also known as "Christmas Solo". Beyond the title shenanigans "Christmas Solo" also features some of the most impressive opening credits I have seen when it comes to a made for TV Christmas movie and they are so triumphant and stylish that maybe they are a bit too impressive as this is in truth a pretty routine movie.

Jonathan Scarfe in Christmas Solo (2017) (aka: A Song for Christmas)

So what you get in "Christmas Solo" is a double storyline with the first side of it being about the easy going Jennifer and Nate ending up becoming an item although as dedicated single parents, Jennifer a widow whilst Nate is divorced, always want their daughters to be happy. But that brings the second side of the story which is Nate's daughter Melissa being angry over her parents splitting and her mum letting her down for Christmas and so taking her anger out on everyone by being difficult and trouble, especially to Charlotte. The thing is that as is often the case this sort of movie is pretty routine and when you get to hear both Melissa and Charlotte sing their auditions you can sense that together their singing would be stunning.

But as is often the case "Christmas Solo" whilst trying to be a touching Christmas movie about single parents is also about that Christmas vibe. As such we have a lot of warm Christmas decorations against beautiful wood buildings, there are also lots of wintry clothes with the actors all looking like they could be models in their beautiful scarves, hats, jumpers and coats. But the thing which "Christmas Solo" really has is the combination of Kelli Williams and Jonathan Scarfe who both look fantastic but bring that laid back vibe to their characters which make them seem so right together.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Solo" wants to be a Christmas movie with some soul and depth with a look at single parents falling in love but dealing with teen daughters who don't get on. But truth is that it is just a typical Christmas movie delivering the look and fun which you will find in a lot of made for TV Christmas movies.

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