Christmas in the Air (2017) Catherine Bell, Eric Close, Ken Tremblett, Malcolm Stewart, Emily Holmes, Trinity Rose Likins, Jesse Filkow, David Stuart Movie Review

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Catherine Bell in Christmas in the Air (2017)

Organizing Christmas the Hallmark Way

Robert Trent (Eric Close - Unanswered Prayers) is trying his best to be a good father to his two children since his wife died whilst also juggling working as a toy inventor. But with a big toy company coming to see his latest invention in under 14 days his attempts to juggle everything ends up a mess. It is how he comes to employ the services of Lydia (Catherine Bell - Home for Christmas Day), an expert in organizing who likes to have her life neatly compartmentalized and devoid of mess & clutter. Whilst Lydia helps Robert to take control and get his life and business organized Robert shows her that a little bit of chaos in life is not a bad thing with them becoming close and Lydia becoming close to Robert's children.

A widower with kids, who is struggling to balance business with his personal life and of course the woman who has her life very organised but feels something is missing in the moments when she is alone. With that set-up you can pretty much write the script for "Christmas in the Air" yourself especially if you are a fan of movies which are shown on either of the Hallmark channels. As such let me just say "Christmas in the Air" isn't a Christmas movie which will challenge audiences but it will deliver the stuff they expect from a Hallmark movie with this one featuring plenty of snow globes alongside a lot of beautiful decorations as well as some traditional looking toys which look great amongst those wonderful Christmas decorations.

Eric Close in Christmas in the Air (2017)

But "Christmas in the Air" is also one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which feature one of their regular and loved stars. As such we have Catherine Bell as the practically perfect Lydia who falls for a widower and his kids whilst discovering that not everything has to be perfect. And Catherine Bell is certainly as lovely as she always is whilst Eric Close does a nice job of delivering the nice guy widower who enjoys a bit of chaos. But again "Christmas in the Air" isn't a movie which features great romantic chemistry but more a case of it featuring some seasonal romantic warmth.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas in the Air" falls into that group of Hallmark Christmas movies which are fun for fans of their particular brand of seasonal entertainment. But at the same time this isn't one which really stands out from the crowd.

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