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Christmas in Homestead (2016)

Getting Cole in Your Christmas Stocking

Hollywood movie star Jessica (Taylor Cole - Christmas Festival of Ice) is heading to the Christmas loving town of Homestead to shoot her latest movie which she is also working as producer on although things are awkward as her ex, Vince (Jeff Branson), is also in the movie. But things get interesting when Jessica meets Matt (Michael Rady - A Joyous Christmas) who whilst a widowed single dad is also the owner of the local inn where Jessica is staying as well as the town's mayor who unlike the rest of the town is not thrilled about having a movie shot their. Whilst Jessica in truth doesn't do Christmas she finds herself changing as she spends time with Matt and his daughter Sophie (Brooklyn Rae Silzer). Question is, what will happen when the movie shoot is over?

I will admit that as I write this review of "Christmas in Homestead" I have watched and reviewed quite a few made for TV Christmas movies over the last couple of weeks and whilst not yet feeling jaded by the experience I am getting a bit pickier when it comes to what sticks out as being special. Sadly whilst "Christmas in Homestead" entertained and presented me with an attractive looking town full of Christmas decorations it only recycled a familiar storyline with two "damaged" individuals who in a slightly comical way find what is missing in their lives but of course the road to happiness isn't with out its bumps.

As such what we get in "Christmas in Homestead" is to start with some confusion comedy as Jessica mistakes Matt for a bakery owner only to learn that he is the mayor. Then we have the fact that Jessica doesn't really have anyone else in her life this Christmas, other than her self obsessed ex who still has a thing for her, whilst Matt is the devoted single father who cherishes the memories of his late wife and who is devoted to his daughter. And on top of the familiar we also get the bonding as Jessica not only becomes close to Matt but of course also his daughter Sophie. I could go on because "Christmas in Homestead" doesn't break new ground when it comes to the story although throws a few twists on the usual in to the mix.

But as always "Christmas in Homestead" delivers what fans of Hallmark Christmas movies enjoy which is; attractive actors playing likeable characters with a beautiful Christmassy backdrop of beautifully dressed homes and businesses. Yes some might call what is presented as Christmas in "Christmas in Homestead" a fantasy but it is the escapism of it which works.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas in Homestead" is a routine Hallmark Christmas movie, using the familiar elements of confusion and romance in a picture perfect town. It means that whilst it is an entertaining Christmas movie come Christmas 2017 this probably won't be one you will feel a desperate need to watch again above others.

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