Christmas in Compton (2012) (aka: One Bad Christmas) Keith David, Omar Gooding, Eric Roberts Movie Review

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Omar Gooding in Christmas in Compton (2012) (aka: One Bad Christmas)

One Poor Movie

Christmas is coming and Big Earl (Keith David) is getting his Christmas tree lot ready for his busiest time of the year although his son Derrick (Omar Gooding) is not interested in selling Christmas trees but believes his future is in managing music acts. Unfortunately for Derrick he isn't very good at it and every time he spots some talent he gets out smarted by record executive Tommy Maxwell (Eric Roberts) which leaves Derrick believing he is owed a fortune. With Big Earl ending up bed ridden for a few days Derrick decides he is going to prove himself a success to his father but only ends up causing bigger problems in doing so.

Does watching a movie featuring stereotypes spoofing themselves and being loud sound like exactly what you want to watch for Christmas then download yourself a copy of "Christmas in Compton" or "One Bad Christmas" as it is also known and sit back and enjoy it. But if the thought of listening to a Korean scream "I am not Japanese I am Korean" in every single scene he appears in gives you the cold sweats I would say avoid this move with a double length barge pole, I know I wish I had. It is a shame as "Christmas in Compton" has a storyline but it is lazy movie making to rely so heavily on stereotypes to try and entertain for a whole 93 minutes.

The sad thing is that there isn't a great deal else to say about the movie as the acting is forgettable. On one hand you have the recognizable stars of Keith David and Eric Roberts delivering what they have done in other pay cheque movies and on the other you have Omar Gooding who at times seems to be mimicking his more famous brother pulling of some Cuba Gooding Jr. looks. But none of it is great and in the end is thankfully forgettable.

What this boils down to is that whether you call this "Christmas in Compton" or "One Bad Christmas" it makes no difference as the result is the same, one poor movie. Maybe younger audiences will find stereotypes enough to entertain but for me I needed a lot more which this movie failed to offer.

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