Christmas Getaway (2017) Movie Review

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Travis Van Winkle, Raven Stewart and Bridget Regan in Christmas Getaway (2017)

A Pinegrove Christmas

Emory Blake (Bridget Regan - The Magic Stocking) is a travel writer who loves her job as it takes her around the world and is part of the reason why, whilst open to dating, she isn't ready to settle down and stay in one place for a period of time. Having hoped to relax over Christmas she finds herself being sent to Pinegrove by her editor to do a piece on a traditional American Christmas, not that she ever remembers experiencing a traditional American Christmas. But a mix up with the booking agent sees Emory staying in the same beautiful cabin as Scott Hays (Travis Van Winkle - Bound & Babysitting), a widower who is there with his daughter Katy (Raven Stewart - A Very Country Christmas) and also his mom Marilyn (Teryl Rothery - A Bramble House Christmas). With a snowstorm coming and no other cabins available they agree to share which turns into a good thing as young Katy has a list of all the traditional Christmas things which she wants to do. But also staying in the area is a single mum whose son told Katy about Pinegrove and she has had a thing for Scott for a long time.

Let me start this review by saying who ever scouted the locations for the 2017 Hallmark Christmas movies knocked it right out of the park as several of these movies, "Christmas Getaway" included, have featured the sort of stunning log buildings which make me wish I could spend Christmas in one of these picturesque places. Aside from the wonderful cabin in "Christmas Getaway" what we get is frankly a routine Hallmark Christmas movie with the usual pleasant cliches. As such we have a woman who is career focused, we have a widow and his kid who has shut himself off from finding romance and of course we have some romance combined with romantic confusion. Yes there are some variations such as Scott's mom showing up but "Christmas Getaway" is the sort of sweet Hallmark Christmas movie which you can guess how it will play out once the first few pieces are put in places.

But having already mentioned the log cabins what "Christmas Getaway" has is that Hallmark appeal with snow, beautiful decorations and lots of Christmas traditions such as ice skating, Christmas tree cutting and the list goes on, in fact young Katy has a list. But we also have Bridget Regan, Travis Van Winkle and Raven Stewart who have that look of a picture perfect family who look like the sort of people who wake up and don't even need to give themselves a pep talk as they are generally happy and deal with what life throws at them. Throw in scenes of them doing those Christmas traditions, such as decorating a Christmas tree, and giving each other that sweet look and not only have Hallmark delivered on the look of the movie but the Characters who makes you want to have their nature.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Getaway" is a Hallmark Christmas movie with the works from the looks to the cliches. But the best thing about it is that the characters deliver on the appeal and have this beautiful nature and chemistry going on.

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