Christmas Encore (2017) Maggie Lawson, Brennan Elliott, Erin Agostino, Marie Dame, Jason Paul, Benjamin Robitaille, Sabryn Rock, Mélanie St-Pierre Movie Review

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Brennan Elliott and Maggie Lawson in Christmas Encore (2017)

An Off-Broadway Christmas Miracle

Having tried to make it as an actress in the city, Charlotte (Maggie Lawson - My Favorite Wedding) is seriously considering giving up and taking a job in an office some where rather than waiting tables in-between going to auditions. But Charlotte finds herself bumping in to Julian Walker (Brennan Elliott - Love You Like Christmas), a TV star who has returned to town to put on a production of A Christmas Carol at an off-Broadway theatre. Whilst Julian is captivated by Charlotte and wants her to audition she has issues as they were in acting class together and blames Julian for her losing out on an audition which could have been the making of her. But it leads to them spending time together which not only involves working on the show but after discovering the theatre is going to be shut down in the New Year they try to come up with a way of saving it.

Maybe for those who live in one of the main American cities watching a Christmas movie set in a city works but for me I feel more of a warmth for those which take place in a more rural, picturesque setting. I mention this because "Christmas Encore" is a Hallmark movie set in the city and whilst we have buildings adorned with lights and garlands I don't get the same wintry, magical feeling that those set in a small town tend to deliver. Maybe it is because you get the hustle & bustle of city life along with the noise of cars and the dirty snow from the roads that it just doesn't do it for me as much as others do.

But in truth "Christmas Encore" actually features a storyline which could easily have taken place in a rural community where we have a woman falling for someone she once knew whilst they work on a theatre production together. Add to that the threat of the theatre being shut down and there is nothing other than the location which makes "Christmas Encore" feel any different to many other made for TV Christmas movies. But in truth that isn't a bad thing as whilst "Christmas Encore" didn't give me the wintry feeling it does deliver the easy to watch romance and community spirit.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Encore" feels like they took a routine Hallmark Christmas movie and transposed it to a city location. For me it doesn't deliver the warmth which I have come to love from Hallmark Christmas movies but it still has a nice story.

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