Christmas Cupid (2010) Christina Milian, Ashley Benson, Ashley Johnson, Chad Michael Murray Movie Review

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Ashley Benson and Christina Milian in Christmas Cupid (2010)

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Don't be fooled by this movie's title because "Christmas Cupid" is not the movie that title conjures up. Oh it is a Christmas movie but it is in fact just another update on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and a lazy one at that. Lazy because aside from Dickens' basic storyline it appears to pinch ideas from other movies which have already done the hard work of re-imagining "A Christmas Carol". But the worst is that it only goes through the motions, failing completely to capture the magic and spirit of the story preferring to try and be sassy by throwing things such as "I know I didn't bang Santa" in there.

Sloane Spencer (Christina Milian - Snowglobe) is a top publicist having worked her way to the top via one way or another, usually dating the right man and now is representing the high profile client Caitlin Quinn (Ashley Benson), a young star who attracts trouble where ever she goes. When Caitlin dies, choking on an olive from her Martini she shows up at Sloane's as a ghost to try and prevent her from making the same mistakes she has with the aid of a trio of boyfriend ghosts.

Chad Michael Murray in Christmas Cupid (2010)

Okay so what "Christmas Cupid" is despite the very deceptive title is an update on "A Christmas Carol" for a young crowd. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that as Dickens' story is so great that done right can be re-imagined into some great movies but this isn't one of them. It just feels incredibly lazy as it uses ideas from other movies and cobbles them together in a shallow, unimaginative way. In fact it is so shallow that the whole spirit of the story, that of redemption is totally lost in a sea of cliche and cheesy romantic scenes. And that is the thing because "Christmas Cupid" is less about Sloane learning the error of her ways but more about choosing the right bloke.

As for the acting, well I guess that I am too old for this movie because I found Christina Milian as Sloane incredibly annoying which works well during the first half when she is playing the selfish side but there is no change when Sloane learns the error of her ways. Aside from Milian, well Ashley Benson as Caitlin does at least play her as sassy and you can imagine that Caitlin was based on a wayward Hollywood starlet or two. And then there is Chad Michael Murray whose job throughout the movie is to be the charming good guy which he pulls off without breaking a sweat but this is a waste of his talents.

What this all boils down to is that 13 year old girls may find "Christmas Cupid" cute and entertaining but for anyone older it will be a shallow update on "A Christmas Carol" failing to capture the real magic of the story, trading it in for weak romantic comedy.

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