Christmas Connection (2017) Brooke Burns, Tom Everett Scott, Kristen Harris, Steve Pacaud, Sophie Neudorf, Erik Athavale, Gino Anania, Pilar Floyd Movie Review

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Brooke Burns in Christmas Connection (2017)

Making that Christmas Connection

Having been raised by her grandparents following her parent's death, Sydney (Brooke Burns - A Star for Christmas) doesn't really have anywhere she can call home which fits her life as a flight attendant and means each year she gets to spend Christmas in various tropical destinations. But on a flight where she looked after Leah (Sophie Neudorf), an unaccompanied minor, she ends up having a drink with her single father, Jonathan (Tom Everett Scott - Love Finds You in Sugarcreek), before then discovering a present Leah made for her father has ended up in her luggage. Having headed to Jonathan's to deliver the present, missing her flight to Bali in the process; Sydney ends up invited to spend Christmas with him and his family who really love to do Christmas. On top of that Jonathan, a reporter, wants to unlock the mystery surrounding who Sydney's parents were and how they met.

I am going to mention just three things when it comes to the Hallmark Christmas movie "Christmas Connection" starting with of course the obvious side as you can guess Sydney will end up becoming close to Jonathan and his daughter Leah whilst finding the joy of Christmas which was some thing she avoided. As I said it is obvious but pleasant enough due to the appealing nature of stars Brooke Burns and Tom Everett Scott. But this is accompanied by the second thing which is Jonathan trying to solve a mystery involving Sydney's parents and how they met which unsurprisingly is a mix of charming and touching, but with a bit of a twist.

Tom Everett Scott in Christmas Connection (2017)

So far so good but then there is the third thing which I need to mention which is sadly "Christmas Connection" is full of the forced acting which makes you groan. From fake laughs to big smiles and the whole holiday spirit thing it simply goes full on and over board in trying to come across as Christmas fun. In fact at times the fake ness of it ends up spoiling the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Connection" certainly has some Christmas fun accompanied by an appealing cast, a very festively decorated house and a bit of mystery. But sadly it is some over the top acting which ends up being memorable and almost spoiling the movie.

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