Christmas Catch (2018) Movie Review

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Emily Alatalo in Christmas Catch (2018)

Stealing Christmas

Mackenzie Bennett (Emily Alatalo) has followed in her mother's (Lauren Holly - The Town Christmas Forgot) footsteps and is now a detective, trouble is that her mother is her Captain down at the station and is a tough act to follow. On top of that Mack has found herself falling for the handsome Carson (Franco Lo Presti) who turns out to be a suspected diamond thief. It means that Mack must continue to date him whilst not revealing who he is whilst she gets enough evidence to arrest him. But the more time she spends with him the more she is convinced he is innocent and has been framed.

I prefer Christmas movies which are aimed at a more adult movie, those which don't intentionally trade on an over the top character who despite being a grown up acts like a school girl in front of a mirror. But that is what you get in "Christmas Catch" with Emily Alatalo playing detective Mackenzie Bennett in that forced kind of the way where she is a bit accident prone and full on when it comes to her facial reactions. What that means is that "Christmas Catch" is full of the sort of corny humour which might entertain a young teenage audience more that a Christmas movie loving adult.

Franco Lo Presti in Christmas Catch (2018)

The thing is that whilst "Christmas Catch" is not the sort of Christmas movie I enjoy for who I think the audience is it should work. That forced comedy, the over reactions, the delivery of dumb lines and the forced accident prone aspects are all the sort of thing which entertained me many, many years ago. In fact whilst we have this story of Mack falling for a suspect she is dating whilst undercover it is never the movie's focus which is another reason why this is a movie for a younger audience.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Catch" was not for me but then this is a Christmas movie which I am sure is intended for a younger audience rather than the Christmas movie loving adult.

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