Christmas Camp (2018) (aka: Christmas Makeover) Movie Review

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Bobby Campo and Lily Anne Harrison in Christmas Camp (2018) (aka: Christmas Makeover)

Lily Anne Harrison's Christmas Campo

Haley (Lily Anne Harrison) is an advertising executive for Bergman Advertising, a hip company which suits her as she is a modern girl who is extremely career focused. When she learns that Tyler Toys is looking for a new advertising agency she hopes her boss will let her try and land them as she believes it will lead to a promotion. But Tyler Toys are very traditional when it comes to Christmas which is why her boss sends her to Christmas Camp, a home where people can go to indulge in all things Christmas. Whilst Haley would love to get the week over with so she can get back to work she meets Jeff (Bobby Campo - Sharing Christmas), the son of the owner who helps him run the place since his mum died. Whilst both find themselves drawn to each other Jeff thinks that Haley is all about the business whilst Haley doesn't want to become involved because she is focused on her career.

One of the things you learn if you think being a movie reviewer is fun is how difficult it is to come up with something new to say, which is especially true when it comes to made for TV Christmas movies. Take "Christmas Camp", which is also known as "Christmas Makeover", as this movie has a good dose of familiar and is seriously about the look. From the minute Haley arrives at Holly Peak Inn where the Christmas camp runs we get the perfectly decorated house, the even better field of Christmas trees which are coated in powder snow and of course a whole host of characters who look fantastic in winter clothes. On the subject of which Lily Anne Harrison and Bobby Campo look good together and are cute as the characters become close, of course we are talking romance and that doesn't run hitch free in this sort of movie. Yes the smiles can be a bit cheesy but it is what you should expect from this sort of movie.

And to sound even more like the proverbial broken record "Christmas Camp" works because it is easy on the eye and cute fun. But I will try and dig deep and find some sort of depth and so Haley despite having shown up as a reluctant guest ends up falling in love with Christmas, slowing down and appreciating the slower moments of life.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Camp" is nothing new, it is an easy to watch Christmas movie which relies heavily on the look and the cutesy romance.

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