Christian Mingle (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jonathan Patrick Moore and Lacey Chabert in Christian Mingle (2014)

A Click, Meet, Marry World

Gwyneth Hayden (Lacey Chabert) has worked hard at her career in advertising and whilst she has dated having now gone past 30 she feels the need to find herself a man to settle down with. But having had a poor track record with picking men she succumbs to the adverts for the Christian dating website and registers on the site despite her knowledge of the bible is limited. And all seems to be going well when through the site she meets nice guy Paul Wood (Jonathan Patrick Moore) as long as she can keep their conversations away from her faith. Unfortunately she can't and when Paul pulls her up on the falseness of her life it makes her take a long hard look at her life and her own relationship with God.

Okey Dokey "Christian Mingle" is a Christian romantic comedy which seems to be tied to the real dating website But unlike some Christian movies this one features some recognizable mainstream actors such as Lacey Chabert and Stephen Tobolowsky whilst it was written and directed by Corbin Bernsen. Curious mixture and if this movie was a real person I can see it needing plenty of therapy from a shrink.

The thing is that I am not opposed to Christian cinema and this one's heart is in the right place but even by romantic comedy standards this feels false and constantly forced. Of course it is trying to be funny through being forced such as when Gwyneth tries to make a good impression when she meets Paul and decides to say an awkward grace over black coffee and cookies but it is so fake and stilted that unfortunately it ends up a bit embarrassing. Of course this is all a build up to Gwyneth re-examining her life and her relationship with God which again isn't going to work for everyone because it again feels forced.

The thing is though that "Christian Mingle" for all it has wrong about it benefits from that familiar cast especially Lacey Chabert who despite forcing so much still brings her likeability to the role. I am pretty sure if it wasn't for Chabert's likeability and the recognizable nature of the rest of the cast this would have been even harder to watch.

What this all boils down to is that "Christian Mingle" ended up hard work due to its uncomfortably forced nature which even when you have someone as likeable as Lacey Chabert in the movie still dominates things.