Charming Christmas (2015) Julie Benz, David Sutcliffe, Ashley Leggat, Daniel DeSanto Movie Review

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Julie Benz and David Sutcliffe in Charming Christmas (2015)

A Christmas Charmer

Having being raised in the family business, Rossman's Department Store, Meredith (Julie Benz) is now looking after the day to day running and looking to franchise out the business, something which her parents are not to sure even if it will pay for their retirement. But after her mum's old Mrs. Santa outfit is found in the basement they agree to consider it as long as Meredith plays the store's Mrs. Santa during the lead up to Christmas which she reluctantly agrees to, even more so when she discovers the mysterious Nick (David Sutcliffe) has been hired to play Santa. But not only does wearing the Mrs. Claus outfit make her reassess her priorities, fall in love with Christmas and the customers again but then there is Nick who seems to have an uncanny knack with children.

That synopsis only covers the main storyline in "Charming Christmas" which is extremely typical. We see how Meredith changes following Nick's arrival, she becomes less business focused, starts to like children as well as Christmas plus of course she starts to have that warm fuzzy feeling the more time she spends with him although there is always the business partner who has his eyes on her and the business. As I said it is typical, in fact it is as typical as having a mysterious man show up by the name of Nick, says his parents live up North, is a hit with children as well as having a box of old Christmas ornaments.

But then there are some subplots tossed in to "Charming Christmas" to fill this out. There is a worker at Rossman's who is a single mum and wants the father of her son to take joint custody but he won't do so which causes problems especially when the young kid overhears his mum talking about it. Then there is the worker who has recovered from a foot injury which means she can dance again and return to Broadway, which leads to arguments with her husband who has settled in to the area and doesn't want to return. These interweave nicely with the central storyline to add a bit of variation to what is still a predictable story.

The thing is that "Charming Christmas" is one of those movies which starts slowly, starts a little cheesily and doesn't hide from being pretty obvious but it ends up drawing you in. And the reason is a matter of tone as it gets the playfulness spot on to make it light and fun but with the warmth which you want from a Christmas movie especially if you are a fan of the mad for TV variety.

What this all boils down to is that "Charming Christmas" is what the title says it is. Ironically it is nothing special and is ultimately predictable but has that warmth and tone which makes it charm you.

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