Cat's Eye (1985) Drew Barrymore, James Woods, Alan King, Kenneth McMillan, Robert Hays, Candy Clark Movie Review

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Cat's Eye (1985)

No Smelly Cat

A cat ends up in NYC having stowed away in a van after being chased by a dog. But no sooner has the cat arrived in the city he is caught by a man with a cage and taken to a facility where they help people to quit smoking. Dick Morrison (James Woods - Against All Odds) is there having decided he needs to quit and he is shown the cat in a caged room where it is being electrocuted through a metal floor. He is then told if he smokes again, and people will be watching, it will be his wife and then his daughter who has to deal with the electric floor.

That is the first of three stories which make up "Cat's Eye" with the second storyline featuring the cat and also Robert Hays who gets involved with a crime boss with a penchant for gambling, This is then followed by a third story where the cat heads to another town where a young girl adopts him. Now I am not going in to detail about what goes on in these stories as to be honest this is the sort of movie which is more engaging if you watch with no knowledge other than we have a cat and three stories.

But what you get through "Cat's Eye" is a playfully macabre styling so you have the amusing yet dark, such as a man shuffling around the ledge of a building having to deal with not only his tormentor blowing a horn at him when he isn't suspecting but a pigeon pecking at his ankle. It is the comedy of the horror in these three stories which keeps this entertaining yet the punch line is always some thing sinister to give it the needed creepiness. And to be honest it works because the likes of James Woods and Robert Hays are so good at delivering humour in a moment of semi drama.

What this all boils down to is that "Cat's Eye" is an entertaining mix of disturbing and comedy but with neither the comedy being too forced or the disturbing side too scary.