Catch Me Daddy (2014) Sameena Jabeen Ahmed, Connor McCarron, Gary Lewis, Barry Nunney Movie Review

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Catch Me Daddy (2014) Sameena Jabeen Ahmed, Connor McCarron

On the Run on the Moor

Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed) come from a controlling Asian family where she is expected to do as she is told. It is part of the reason why she has run away with her boyfriend Aaron (Connor McCarron) a young man who has no real purpose in life but loves her deeply and together they are hiding in a caravan on the edge of a Yorkshire town where she has found some work in a hairdressers. But her family have sent a group of young Asian men to find her and bring her back who in turn have hired a couple of English heavies to go in to the places they wouldn't be so welcome. As these guys close in on the young lovers they are forced to run to stay free.

On paper "Catch Me Daddy" is a good movie, it has a classic forbidden love story laced with a multi-cultural element which fits perfectly with its British setting as we see a British Asian teen girl on the run with her Scottish boyfriend partly due to her controlling family. Not only that the multi-cultural element also takes in the differences between the various groups who have been hired by the girls family to find her and bring her home. And there are also some close shaves where both Laila and Aaron have to run and fight to keep their freedom as the net closes in on them which gives the movie the excitement which it needs.

The trouble with "Catch Me Daddy" or at least the trouble for me is that whilst brothers Daniel Wolfe and Matthew Wolfe have written an insightful movie they have produced one which ends up long winded. Scenes early on of Laila and Aaron as they stroll over the mist laden Yorkshire moors whilst beautiful go on to long as does a scene of a guy emptying a water bottle which is utterly pointless. It is these sorts of scenes which end up trying your patience and highlight the inexperience of those involved not to curtail it. And it is doubly annoying because after much pontificating it gets to the story with the first close shave and there is some genuine excitement.

What this all boils down to is that in truth "Catch Me Daddy" is an impressive debut feature from the brothers Wolfe, it features some good writing and good performances. But it is a case that less would have been more with many a scene in need of tightening up and losing its art school side.