Catch a Falling Star (2000) Sela Ward, Rebecca Jenkins, Andrew Jackson, Jane Curtin, John Slattery, Carlo Rota, Vince Corazza, Nigel Bennett, Rhonda McLean, Cliff Saunders Movie Review

Catch a Falling Star (2000)   3/53/53/53/53/5

John Slattery and Sela Ward in Catch a Falling Star (2000)

Sela's Doing Something that Matters

Sydney Clarke (Sela Ward - Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story) is an acctress and a bit of a diva, and it is during one of her routine strops that she storms of set, still in costume, and ends up getting lost in a forest. After making it to a road in the middle of the night she hitches a ride to Lincoln, a steel mill town, where some of the locals show her kindness, thinking she is a homeless bag woman. One of those people is Joyce (Rebecca Jenkins - Till Death Us Do Part), a waitress in the bowling alley, and the other is Ben (John Slattery - The Adjustment Bureau) who operates the Steel Mill and who ends up giving her a job at the mill working as a nurse. Soon Sydney finds that with no one knowing who she really is she makes some real friends who like her for who she is rather than because she is a money making movie star.

Movie review in a nutshell - "Catch a Falling Star" sees an actress fall in love with a small town as well as a local having ended up there after walking out on her life, discovering what friendship really is and of course keeping her real identity a secret... well you can probably guess the rest. To be honest I haven't got enough fingers and thumbs in my entire family to count how many times I have come across this sort of storyline but seeing that "Catch a Falling Star" is a made for TV movie it isn't that much of a surprise. And to be honest whilst this is a movie built on routine and short on surprises the fun nature of a woman reconnecting with a simpler way of life has its appeal and charm even though you know how it is likely to end shortly after it starts.

Much of what makes "Catch a Falling Star" work is the casting of Sela Ward and John Slattery as they both have a natural way of delivering the romantic comedy as well as their characters. Basically they both have a great look, charm and can deliver the banter with such perfect timing that it is just a joy to watch them flirt with each other. In fact whilst this storyline also sees a town with a struggling steel mill it is the chemistry of Sela Ward and John Slattery which makes the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Catch a Falling Star" is simply a fun made for TV movie with plenty of charm, romance and a storyline which is strictly formula driven but that doesn't matter because it has chemistry.