Casablanca Express (1989) Jason Connery, Francesco Quinn, Jinny Steffan, Manfred Lehmann Movie Review

Casablanca Express (1989)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jason Connery in Casablanca Express (1989)

Well it is Quite Quick

Having arrived in Algiers, Winston Churchill plans to head to Casablanca for a meeting with Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. The trouble is that not only have intelligence uncovered that the Germans know of Churchill's presence in Algiers but he insists on heading to Casablanca via train even though he has been warned against it. Fearing the Germans may try to kidnap Churchill a unit of commandos as well as intelligence agents are assigned to travel with him.

Here is the truth, I haven't got the energy to give you any more plot to "Casablanca Express" because it is a pretty ordinary and frankly quite boring action movie from the late 80s which sees various moments of drama, such as an obligatory fight on the roof of a moving train which of course you know is heading for a train. Now if "Casablanca Express" had a decent storyline to make all the bits in-between the action entertaining then it wouldn't be so bad but we are talking ordinary double crosses and so on.

Donald Pleasence and Glenn Ford in Casablanca Express (1989)

The truth is that this Italian made WWII movie has little to offer especially now watched more than 25 years after it is made but it does feature a few famous faces such as Donald Pleasence and Glenn Ford which I am wondering whether a big chunk of budget went on securing them rather than getting a decent script written. Yes there is Jason Connery who is likeable as an actor but you get a sense than for all the earnest looks he delivers he knew this was never a good movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Casablanca Express" was always a poor war movie but it is one which has got poorer with age.