Carry on Abroad (1972) starring Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Bernard Bresslaw, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, James Logan, June Whitfield, Hattie Jacques, Sally Geeson, Ray Brooks directed by Gerald Thomas Movie Review

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Sid James and Barbara Windsor in Carry on Abroad (1972)

A Carry on Dirty Weekend

Pub landlord Vic Flange (Sid James - Carry on Matron) is planning a dirty weekend away with busty Sadie Tomkins (Barbara Windsor - Carry on Henry) but his plans are spoiled when his wife Cora (Joan Sims - Carry on at Your Convenience) decides to go away with him. Along with a varied bunch of holiday makers they all head of to Elsbels in Spain expecting a 4 day break in a luxury hotel only to discover that their hotel is still being built. That doesn't stop any of the guests trying to enjoy themselves as almost everyone seems to be there for a dirty weekend.

If you want to watch a stereotypical "Carry On" movie then "Carry on Abroad" is as typical as you can get, or at least typical of the "Carry On" movies form the 70s. Right from the opening scenes with its innuendo filled dialogue between a busty Barbara Windsor and a lecherous Sid James "Carry On Abroad" is what many think of when you mention the "Carry On" movies with scene after scene of comedy derived from mainly sexual innuendo with a touch of slap stick. And along with this stream of risque comedy there is a leaky storyline as the "Carry On" cast invade the continent with a storyline about a holiday in Elsbels and a hotel which isn't finished being built yet. All of which means is that whilst "Carry on Abroad" is amusing it is also generic and the sort of movie you end up having on in the background than rather purposefully sitting down to watch.

Kenneth Williams in Carry on Abroad (1972)

So as was becoming the norm for "Carry On" movies in the 70s "Carry on Abroad" doesn't have much of a storyline. To sum it up a varied bunch of Brits go on holiday abroad, many of which are hoping for a dirty weekend and discover that their hotel is in fact only partly built. What follows on from there is one set piece after another built around the various characters so you have Evelyn Blunt played by June Whitfield nagging her sex starved husband, Vic Flange trying to get his wicked way with busty Sadie Tomkins whilst trying to hide it from his wife. And basically it goes on as whilst there are set pieces where they discover dodgy plumbing, shared bathrooms and foreign foods as well as a visit to a local market it all basically revolves around sexual innuendo. And to be honest much of that revolves around busty Barbara Windsor who Sid James walks in on in the shower as well as managing to whip off her bikini top in the hall way.

As with the slim storyline being stereotypical so is the comedy which fills "Carry on Abroad". As already mentioned there is plenty of sexual innuendo right from the opening scenes which revolve around Vic and Sadie planning a dirty weekend together. But there is also plenty of slapstick which revolves around the half built hotel and the owner who runs around trying to run things almost singly handed. It is obvious with one gag after another built around such things as wardrobes with out backs, shared bathrooms and plumbing which pumps out sand but it is all fun. And that is the thing is that whilst every single joke is obvious they are for the most fun because the delibery of them works.

What is nice is that "Carry on Abroad" is packed full of the "Carry On" stalwarts from Sid James through to Hattie Jacques. They may all be playing to their well established stereotypes with Charles Hawtrey being a bit airy fairy whilst Kenneth Williams is a little pompous but it works. And aiding in making it fun are those guest appearances from the likes of June Whitfield as the nagging Evelyn Blunt who ends up being romanced by Spanish waiter Georgio, amusingly played by Ray Brooks.

What this all boils down to is that "Carry on Abroad" is your stereotypical 70s "Carry On" movie and as such is slim on storyline whilst heavy on the sexual innuendo. But even if it is stereotypical it's fun, the sort of thing you could put on whilst doing something else and be amused whenever you stop to watch a bit.

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