Can't Buy My Love (2017) Movie Review

Can't Buy My Love (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Adelaide Kane in Can't Buy My Love (2017)

The EMT & the Rich Kid

For Lilly (Adelaide Kane) doesn't have time for a man in her life as when she isn't working as an EMT she is studying to get into medical school. And she is passionate about her work and those who work in the emergency services, which is why she ends up confronting a stranger when he parks in a space reserved for the emergency services. But when Lilly shows up at the Alexander home for an emergency call she finds herself coming face to face with that stranger, Jeff (Benjamin Hollingsworth - Coming Home for Christmas), whose father she is treating. Immediately smitten by her, Jeff is shocked when Lilly says no to a date, leading to him going out of his way to prove he is more than just a rich kid to win her over.

Before watching "Can't Buy My Love" I came across 3 reviews all of which bemoaned this movie's lack of originality, and I can't deny that fact as it is unoriginal and highly predictable. But "Can't Buy My Love" is not only a Pixl movie but also a girl meets boy movie and that makes it an easy viewing, an inoffensive movie which isn't trying to be anything other than simple, charming entertainment for those who want something easy to watch.

What that means is that there isn't a great deal to say about "Can't Buy My Love" as it follows a familiar formula with Lilly discovering that Jeff is not the spoilt rich kid she first thought he was and in fact has a nice side although of course things are never simple when it comes to falling in love. In fact the more complex, although equally predictable, is a subplot which revolves around Lilly's friend Megan and her relationship with Vince who she suspects is cheating on her. But whilst none of the stories in "Can't Buy My Love" reinvents the wheel they make it pleasant enough, with nice actors playing likeable characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Can't Buy My Love" is just a routine, inoffensive romantic comedy which is made for an audience who enjoy the easy to watch nature of made for TV romantic comedies.