Cancel Christmas (2010) Judd Nelson, Justin Landry, Natalie Brown, John Fleming Movie Review

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Judd Nelson in Cancel Christmas (2010)

Nelson Saves Christmas

With 30 days to go to Christmas, Santa (Judd Nelson) gets summoned to see the board of Christmas directors where he is told that with Christmas becoming more commercial and children becoming more spoilt they are going to terminate his position as they think the situation is irreversible. But they give Santa the chance to fix things; if in 30 days Santa and his chief elf Randal (Justin Landry) can convince two spoilt children to help a less fortunate one and in turn cause him to believe in Santa he will save Christmas. But Santa can't reveal who he is and so takes the name Kris Frost and a job as a janitor at a school. But when Santa can't resist doing a stint as a Mall Santa his generosity attracts a bit too much attention and puts everything in jeopardy.

There is nothing like a Christmas movie to remind you that some movies are made for a certain age group and within minutes of "Cancel Christmas" starting I knew this movie was more for children than the entire family. The first sign of this was the voice which Judd Nelson chose to use, a deep but not very natural voice whilst Justin Landry as Randal has a smile and a laugh which to me ended up annoying rather than amusing. Those weren't the only signs that this movie was made predominantly for children; there is also the ease of change from bad boys to good and so on as the storyline progresses.

But whilst "Cancel Christmas" has a level when it comes to the humour which is focussed at a younger audience, Randal masquerading as a woman could only make a child laugh, the meaning behind all this, the doing good for others rather than acting spoilt and leading a life of selfishness is a good message. It is for me as an adult the movie's saving grace as even as a grown up the reminder that simple things can make a big impact is always nice especially during the Christmas season.

What this all boils down to is that "Cancel Christmas" for me is very much a Christmas movie for children thanks to its much more child friendly humour. But it does have some nice aspects for adults too including a good underlying message which shines through a lot of what could be construed as nonsense.

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