Caesar the Conqueror (1962) starring Cameron Mitchell, Rik Battaglia, Dominique Wilms, Ivica Pajer directed by Tanio Boccia Movie Review

Caesar the Conqueror (1962)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Cameron Mitchell in Caesar the Conqueror (1962)

Buck Caesar

With an uprising in Gaul led by Vercingetorix who has rallied others who once pledged their loyalty to Rome, Julius Caesar (Cameron Mitchell) seeks to quell it quickly in order to raise his position in Rome. But things don't go to plan as not only has Vercingetorix captured a centurion but also Publia (Raffaella Carrà), Caesar's ward, who just happens to be in love with the captured centurion.

As per always, my interest in watching "Caesar the Conqueror" was as a movie fan seeking to be entertained by some sword and sandal action and drama. Yes there was a slice of my brain screaming out that this could end up a boring slog of a movie but as a fan of Cameron Mitchell ever since I watched him as Buck Cannon in "The High Chaparral" I held out on this being entertaining. Sadly "Caesar the Conqueror" isn't at it is a tedious procession through sword and sandal standards from politics to battles but failing to make any of it riveting.

Don't get me wrong as "Caesar the Conqueror" is not completely terrible it just fails to bring the story of Caesar and Vercingetorix to life which makes it feel little more than a journey through some sword and sandal cliches. So in the end the best things that I can say about "Caesar the Conqueror" is that thanks to the costumes it has a good look and Cameron Mitchell physically makes for a decent Caesar although whilst I never noticed it mentioned I am sure Mitchell has been dubbed along with the rest of the cast.

What this all boils down to is that "Caesar the Conqueror" is sadly a tedious procession through a lot of sword and sandal cliches but failing to make the actual storyline come to life. It leaves it a nice looking movie with nice sets and costumes but one which struggles to keep hold of your attention.