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Buffalo Bill (1965)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Gordon Scott in Buffalo Bill (1965)

Death by Bad Dialogue

A potential war with the Indians is brewing as some of the cavalry are not only stirring up trouble but someone is selling guns and whisky to a renegade bunch of Indians lead by Yellow Hand (Mirko Ellis - Killer Caliber .32). It is why Buffalo Bill (Gordon Scott - Conquest of Mycene) has arrived in the area as he is not only there to try and defuse the increasing tensions but get to the bottom of who it is who is supplying these renegades with guns and whisky.

Not all westerns which have an Italian connection come under the spaghetti western banner and "Buffalo Bill" is a perfect example of one of these movies. If you were to turn the sound off you would be forgiven if you were to think this was just a cheaply made American western as it has that look with the occasional scene which either has decent action or the cinematography captures the expanse of the location quite nicely. Unfortunately when you put the sound on you are then confronted by stilted dialogue and clearly poor dubbing which you often get with a Euro western. And sadly it drags "Buffalo Bill" right down as the voices never fit and the dialogue never sounds natural.

It is actually a bit of a shame as "Buffalo Bill" has a reasonably nice look about it and it is visually more impressive than a lot of these Euro westerns. On top of that the whole nefarious nature of the bad guys in the movie with kidnappings and so on, whilst nothing new, gives the movie a semi sinister tone.

What this all boils down to is that "Buffalo Bill" looks reasonably good but sadly the usual issues of a Euro western combined with a pretty routine storyline prevents this from being entertaining, especially when it comes to the poor dialogue and bad dubbing standing out in a bad way.