Brothers in War (1989) (aka: I ragazzi del 42 plotone) starring Christopher Alan, Sherrie Rose, Victor Rivers, Jim Pelish directed by Mark Davis Movie Review

Brothers in War (1989)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Brothers in War (1989) (aka: I ragazzi del 42 plotone)

Jungle Leaver

In a moment of relaxation a platoon serving in South East Asia enjoy the entertainment of a beautiful woman who sings for them. But just as she finishes her song the platoon come under fire and the commander orders two soldiers to get the girl the hell out of there and to safety. Seems straight forwards but escorting this young girl and her rotund manager across the jungle proves to be a lot harder than expected and the soldiers are going to learn plenty as they do what ever it takes to complete their mission even if they can't stand each other.

The above is the more standard synopsis you would get for "I ragazzi del 42° plotone" which I watched as "Brothers in War" with it being dubbed in to English but there is a much simpler way to describe it. Two soldiers who don't get on and frequently fight are assigned the mission of escorting the sexy young woman to safety and so you guessed it are forced to work together but are unable to trust each other. What happens along the way is not that interesting with various scrapes for these two young soldiers who seem to have some martial arts skills to get to display them in. But it isn't exciting.

Aside from that, well "Brothers in War" is an Italian production from the late 80s and whilst the story is set a lot earlier it has the slight out of focus look which many movies of the time had. Not only that it is clear that this didn't have the biggest of budgets and the various locations this is shot in look anything but the sweltering jungles of South East Asia. This has the knock on effect of causing it to lack atmosphere as well as authenticity.

What this all boils down to is that "Brothers in War" rather than being the exciting action movie it was probably intended to be ends up a below par slog which was clearly made with lower budget limitations. It isn't completely terrible but it is weak and a bit of a monotonous slog.