Broken Trust (2012) Laura Vandervoort, Shawn Roberts, Sonya Salomaa, Sean Allan, Carolyn Adair, Carmelo Bottieri, Sean Carey Movie Review

Broken Trust (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Laura Vandervoort in Broken Trust (2012)

Simply Broken

Sophie Anderson (Laura Vandervoort - Out of Control) is an ambitious young attorney who's dedication to the job is putting her on the fast track to greatness even it means her marriage to Eric(Shawn Roberts - The Music Teacher), a cop, ended. Sophie is in the middle of the biggest case of her career, taking on a large pharmaceutical company when things start to happen with Bruce Harris (Sean Allan), her mentor and friend of her late father, being kidnapped. As the pressure mounts she has to turn to Eric for help, who is still in love with her and is willing to put his career on the line for her.

The best things I can say about "Broken Trust" are; that firstly it has an attractive cast and secondly it may entertain you but most likely for the wrong reasons. You see "Broken Trust" is a made for TV thriller and from past experience you are lucky if one in twenty of these turn out to be genuinely decent and you guessed it this is not one of the decent ones as it is generic, uninteresting and forgettable.

Shawn Roberts in Broken Trust (2012)

So what we get in "Broken Trust" is a muffled phone call from Bruce and what sounds like a gun shot being enough to make Sophie concerned before then receiving a call from a kidnapper demanding she retrieves various documents and so on. Every now and then we get a time prompt on the screen as we watch Sophie basically do as the mystery caller tells her except she has drawn ex husband Eric in to the situation, who still cares for her. Sounds okay except it is basic and full of comical issues, for example Sophie realises that the mystery caller is watching her on CCTV so she pops in to a shop and buys an umbrella to hide her face. But not only is it not raining so she looks extremely conspicuous but there is barely another person on the street. It is basically that dumb and that is not the worst of things.

But in fairness for all the issues which "Broken Trust" has it does still keep you watching. Part of the reason is because you want to see what else is bad but also because you have the attractive Laura Vandervoort and truth be told part of you wants to know who is behind the kidnapping and why, even though you don't expect the answer to be logically reached.

What this all boils down to is that "Broken Trust" is just a typical made for TV thriller with the same mix of positives and negatives which most of these thrillers have. What it means is that if you watch this as a fan of mainstream cinema it will be terrible but for those more use to TV movies it will be the background noise that so many of these movies become.