Broken Lullaby (1994) Mel Harris, Rob Stewart, Oliver Tobias, Jennifer Dale, Frances Hyland, Vivian Reis Movie Review

Broken Lullaby (1994)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Mel Harris in Broken Lullaby (1994)

Finding Kitty

Kitty Ridgewood (Vivian Reis) might be extremely wealthy but she has kept something a secret all her life, she is in fact a Hungarian orphan. It is how her niece, Jordan Kirkland (Mel Harris - Ultimate Betrayal), ends up in Europe searching for information surrounding a picture Kitty has of a young girl standing with a Fabergé music box as it may not only be her but it may also be a link to any relatives who may still be alive. It is also how Jordan finds herself dealing with the charming, handsome and helpful Nick Rostov (Rob Stewart - Lead with Your Heart), a treasure hunter, who always seems to be about. But is it Nick that Jordan should be concerned about or treasure hunter Gudrum Kuper (Jennifer Dale - So You Said Yes) and her boss, Count Borodin (Oliver Tobias - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square), as someone clearly wants what ever information she has as well as what she uncovers in her search.

Quick review of "Broken Lullaby"; just hurry up and sleep with him will you. Of course that is expected as "Broken Lullaby" is a Harlequin movie and if the two leads didn't end up becoming romantically involved and in bed, well it wouldn't be a Harlequin movie. The trouble is that usually alongside the obvious romantic side of one of these movies there is some sort of storyline which should keep you entertained till the leads eventually accept they are in love but the storyline here, which is basically a treasure hunt, is not that entertaining. The reason being there is a lot of talk and very little action with even the danger element of someone wanting Jordan's information ending up pretty dull.

Rob Stewart in Broken Lullaby (1994)

The annoying thing is that both Mel Harris and Rob Stewart look the part for this sort of movie and as such it adds to that element of hurry up and jump in to bed together. In fairness they also play their parts well enough for this sort of movie with Harris making Jordan an efficient woman whilst Rob Stewart gives Nick plenty of charm whilst in a lot of scenes looks like a male model. But maybe the combo of Harris and Stewart is too visually right because I found myself not that interested in their characters either.

What this all boils down to is that in some ways "Broken Lullaby" is one of the poorer Harlequin movies I have watched as the storyline does nothing to draw you into the mystery. But at the same time Mel Harris and Rob Stewart look great both individually and together which helps make up for some of the movie's narrative weakness.